Anger and exasperation when the interviewer talks about Ray Rice [x]


Adorableness overload (X)


"I loooove being Benedict." [x]

digitalcalamity … I call this death by dorkybatch. you’re welcome. 

Reblog if you think Benedict Cumberbatch deserves an Oscar

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Benedict when asked why there is no exploration of Alan Turing’s sex life in “The Imitation Game” (x)

His answer is everything.

He’s so eloquent and his reasoning here is perfect. His insight into character and storytelling is always a joy to listen to and he verbally slapped that interviewer down good and proper. The rest of the interview was just sheer brain porn too. i’d love to sit an chat with him on any given subject! Awesome answer!




New Edit - Benedict Cumberbatch - Good lord those eyes!

Oh…that is nice….

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oh sweet JESUS.